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DuoLux 600

Dimension: 22''x22''x3.5''

Weight: 30lbs

Actual Wattage: 585w 

HID Equivalent: 1200w

Voltage:  AC85-260V



UV and IR Diodes: YES

Input Voltage: 

100-240V AC Power Input

Output Voltage:UL Standard

Output Voltage (-76V DC)

Work Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Flowering Footprint: 4'x4'

Vegative  Footprint:   6' x 6'

LED Configuration:    4 CREE CXA COB                                                                  189 Bridgelux 5W Chip


  • Designed for commercial applications.

  • Highest PAR output of ANY 600w light on the market.

  • Largest footprint of any 600w LED system available.

  • Cool running, no additional ventilation systems needed.

  • Manufactured featuring the highest quality components available in the industry.

  • 100% of our diodes are sourced from the America's top manufacturers Bridgelux and CREE.

The DuoLux 600 horticultural lighting system is the first and only binary LED grow light in the world to combine all of the benefits of both Bridgelux 5w LED diodes and the high power of massive CREE COB (chip on board) arrays into one comprehensive full cycle lighting fixture. Our product development engineers have seamlessly integrated the world’s highest quality diodes with industry leading optics to give unprecedented penetration and coverage with the highest PPFD of any 600 watt lighting system available. The marriage of these two technologies combined with our unique and proprietary spectrums offer all of the benefits of both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium systems as well as all of the necessary UV and IR indexes not imparted by traditional HID lighting. With well over 1700 micromoles striking the canopy from over 24” away you will see not only improved weight per watt, but also a marketable increase in quality and quantity of active resins and terpenes.

Absolute Full Spectrum Including UV & IR

Veg Mode

Bloom Mode

Full Spectrum Mode

DuoLux 600 Par Value Performance over 6'x6'

2' x 3'




PAR Value (μmol)






2.5' x 3.5'

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