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Par Sabre Series

  • Ultra lightweight and compact design.

  • IP65 water resistant.

  • Boosts PAR for healthier, larger, faster growing plants.

  • Solid state technologies for silent operation without fans.

  • Custom spectrums or beam angles available.


The Par Sabre is a horticultural LED light bar fixture designed to add all of the missing wavelengths that are not provided by your existing HID lighting profile.

Par Sabre 13

Dimensions: 23¾“ x 2¼” x 1½”

Weight: 2.2 lbs.

Actual Wattage: 30w

Diodes: 13

Par Sabre 20

Dimensions: 35½“ x 2¼” x 1½”

Weight: 4.2 lbs.

Actual Wattage: 48w

Diodes: 20

Par Sabre 28

Dimensions: 47¼“ x 2¼” x 1½”

Weight: 5.3 lbs.

Actual Wattage: 65w

Diodes: 28

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