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Our Goal is to Help You Grow

Grow more Spend less


What we offer

1. An environmental-friendly and efficient lighting solution at an affordable price to our customers.

2. The latest LED technology and an up to date knowledge of the greenhouse and indoorgardening industry.

3. Friendly and reliable service.


4.The Top Shelf Commitment to Success, Satisfaction and Safety.

For years growers have struggled with high electrical costs, large carbon footprints, and indiscreet growing techniques. Traditional lighting systems generate excessive heat, requiring up to 4’-6’ of space between the canopy and the bulb, and since light energy dissipates rapidly as distance from the source increases, EXTRA light must be generated to make up for what is wasted, adding to your electrical bill. As a result of this unnecessary heat, commercial growers must also spend extra money for air conditioning and dehumidification, which hurts the grower’s bottom line, requires careful planning and calculations, generates noise pollution and crowds the grow space. What growers need is a safe, convenient, and effective way of illuminating their garden-one that won’t burn a hole in their wallet.

Learn What Horticultural Lighting Can Do For Your Crops

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