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Our Goal is to Help You Grow

Our Commitment to You


What we offer

1. An environmental-friendly and efficient lighting solution at an affordable price to our customers.

2. The latest LED technology and an up to date knowledge of the greenhouse and indoorgardening industry.

3. Friendly and reliable service.


4.The Top Shelf Commitment to Success, Satisfaction and Safety.

TSL Horti Tech  has many goals for the future, but right now we are focused on the safety, satisfaction and success of our customers. Traditional lighting fixtures are prone to bulb explosions, and put growers at an increased risk of sustaining serious injuries like burns or electrical shock, but with LED technology you can rest at ease as your family and friends admire your garden. Your safety is important to us, but so is your success! Failed grows can be frustrating and even turn some people off to the hobby, and we don't want that. We believe that manufacturing high quality products and delivering them to the consumer at competitive prices is the key to both OUR success and YOURS, so come grow with us!

Learn What Horticultural Lighting Can Do For Your Crops

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