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Our Goal is to Help You Grow

The Time Has Come


What we offer

1. An environmental-friendly and efficient lighting solution at an affordable price to our customers.

2. The latest LED technology and an up to date knowledge of the greenhouse and indoorgardening industry.

3. Friendly and reliable service.


4.The Top Shelf Commitment to Success, Satisfaction and Safety.

The day has finally come for growers who seek high yields and low electrical costs. Due to recent developments within our company and the industry as a whole, customizing your lights to generate the specific wavelengths that your plants need the most is now simpler and more cost effective than ever. Unlike much of our competition, TSL Horti Tech  diodes so closely match the light the sun naturally puts out they also are a source of both ultraviolet and infrared light. Because TSL Horti Tech  is committed to the satisfaction, success, and safety of our customer, we include 1 free pair of quality horticultural LED Protective Safety Glasses (sunglasses DO NOT qualify as LED grade protective eye wear) and guarantee a lifetime 50% discount for all future purchases of “Wavelength ~ LED” brand protective eye wear.


Learn What Horticultural Lighting Can Do For Your Crops

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